Telecom Savings Tip # 2: Keeping Roaming Costs in Check

Telecom Savings Tip # 2: Keeping Roaming Costs in Check

SpikeFli ExpertApr. 4, 2016

Telecom Savings Tip #2: Keeping roaming costs in check

Sometimes, no matter how great your policies or carrier contracts, telecom costs still get out of control. What’s one of the biggest reasons? Roaming costs. Employees travel and sometimes make unwise decisions about mobile usage on the road.

We’re all human, and humans make mistakes. So those risks aren’t likely to go away. Your best approach is to manage them. The good news is SpikeFli can help you do that in a couple of ways.

1. Easy roaming request. Sometimes big wins come from making cost-saving simple. SpikeFli mobile lets employees request a roaming package easily from their phone whenever they’re leaving home territory. IT teams that offer fast response can demonstrate they are keeping costs down.

2. Spender tracking. SpikeFli shows you which employees are roamers. You can see who spends the most and talk to those employees about smart steps to take next trip.

SpikeFli shows 2 employees had roaming expense for month.

3. Employee self-monitor. Sometimes the easiest way to get employees onboard with responsible spending is to let them see their own costs. The SpikeFli Mobile User Site does just that, empowering staff to self-manage.

A few more suggestions to reduce roaming costs involve simple, smart advice to employees.

Be sure employees are aware of local WiFi options – for example most airports, resorts, restaurants, hotels conference centers etc. offer free WiFi. Or WiFi at an affordable rate much less than international roaming fees. Employees should be instructed to use local WiFi whenever possible.

In today’s economic climate, some companies have instituted a No Roam policy. We understand the motivation but work productivity can be lost with that approach. Companies we’ve seen manage costs well select tools to closely monitor costs, and encourage and educate employees on how to spend wisely.

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