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Tools to Reduce IT Costs.

How Can Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Software Decrease Your Telecom, Cloud and IT Spending?

If you’re a large enterprise or government agency, it’s possible that you may be depending on 100s of vendors across the country for your telecommunications, cloud and IT needs. The same can go for smaller companies, too. When you have a large amount of telecom, cloud and IT vendors to manage and collect data from, efficiency becomes a problem.

How do you effectively interpret spreadsheets and data from numerous different companies, who all bill differently, and who each have their own login portal and dashboard? Do they even offer raw data files for you to interpret?

Minimize Your Spending, and Increase Efficiency with One Management Software Platform

When you have multiple telecom, cloud and IT vendors invoices to interpret, you have a time-consuming task on your hands. When you can put all that information into one centralized management platform, you’ll be in a better position to understand all the telecom and IT vendor assets you possess.

The SPIKEFLI platform was built for that exact advantage, so you can save time and drive cost reduction in these areas. Our platform has a long list of built-in vendors (such as TELUS, BELL, Rogers, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, Century Link, Bell Aliant, Allstream, Zayo, Industry Canada, FirstNet etc.), which have data translators.