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We Believe in Planet Earth.

We are pleased that our SpikeFli Telecom & Technology Expense Management as a Service (XMaaS) company has the ability to help the planet in the following ways.
(as guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals).


Goal 1: No Poverty -- Donate What You Don't Use

If you do not even know what you have, how can you know what to donate and when? Using SpikeFli Telecom & Technology Expense Management as a Service, you can keep track of all your telecom & technology assets so as they age out, need replacing or retiring, you can responsibly dispose of or recycle them.

We’re also currently working on an initiative with a few community groups to support our clients in donating their gently used Smartphones to underprivileged children, and people escaping domestic violence. More to come on that!

Goal 2: Zero Hunger -- Waste Less Food and Support Local Farmers