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Business Intelligence for IT, Procurement & Finance.

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Inventory Management
Inventory Management
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All the IT & Telecom vendors facts in one place.

Inventory 3D Mapping
  • Visualize Telecom and IT Infrastructure: Utilize 3D mapping to effortlessly visualize your entire telecom and IT infrastructure, enabling easier identification of inefficiencies and optimization opportunities.
  • Interactive Asset Management: Engage with an interactive 3D representation of your assets and services, improving decision-making with spatial insights and enhancing user engagement on your platform.
Customized Reporting
  • Tailored Insights for Strategic Decisions: Generate customized reports that align with your business goals, offering actionable insights for informed decision-making and strategy development.
  • Enhanced Data Analysis: Leverage advanced filtering and analysis tools to dive deep into your telecom and IT expenses, identifying cost-saving opportunities and improving financial performance.
AP & Invoice Automation
  • Streamline Financial Operations: Automate your accounts payable and invoice processing to reduce manual errors, save time, and lower operational costs, enhancing efficiency and profitability.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Accuracy: Ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance with industry regulations through automated verification processes and real-time financial data management.
Contract Management
  • Optimized Contract Lifecycle: Manage contracts more effectively from inception through renewal or termination, reducing administrative burdens and optimizing vendor relationships.
  • Cost Control and Risk Mitigation: Gain visibility into contract terms and spend, enabling better cost management and risk mitigation strategies, safeguarding your company's interests.
Invoice Review
  • Simplified Invoice Management: Consolidate multiple vendor invoices into a single platform for easy management, improving payment efficiency and financial oversight.
  • Reduce Processing Time and Costs: Streamline your invoice processing, reducing time and costs associated with handling multiple invoices, and enabling more strategic financial planning.
Vendor Management
  • Enhanced Vendor Performance Analysis: Monitor and evaluate vendor performance with comprehensive reporting, ensuring you maintain high-quality service and cost-effectiveness.
  • Strategic Vendor Relationship Management: Use detailed analytics to strengthen vendor relationships, negotiate better terms, and make informed decisions about vendor selection and management.

One platform for ALL telecom, IoT, and technology vendors invoicing & insight.

AP, Finance, IT, and HR CAN‘T MANAGE what they can’t see.

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